Cedabond Chairmans Report 2016

Cedabond Chairmans Report 2016

Cedabond is celebrating another successful year of outstanding growth both in membership and turnover, and the new financial year promises some exciting developments, according to the latest Chairman’s Report for 2016.

By the end of the year, membership of the largest buying consortium of food service equipment in the UK had reached 126, says the report, with 18 new suppliers on board for the start of 2017. The huge interest in Cedabond’s offering was reflected in another year of outstanding growth, with turnover up an impressive 32.5% on the previous year.


Building on its success, the company has a number of initiatives planned for the coming 12 months. Cedabond Executive Director Phil Martin explains: “We have run a steady ship this year. We have continued to improve our operation with all of the team working closely together. Despite Brexit, 2017 is looking very positive for Cedabond Members. Our Suppliers are working hard to minimise the effect of price increases on our Members and we are also looking at ways to reduce our own costs. We will be bringing more work to head office and have struck a deal with a utility management company in a bid to reduce our Members’ utility costs.


“At the same time, we will be making improvements to the Member and Supplier reporting, make life easier for everyone. We will also be inviting Members to participate in a bi-annual workshop to take Cedabond forward.


“The website continues to grow in content and popularity, and Suppliers are increasingly updating it with promotions and special offers, further strengthening our unrivalled proposition for yet another year.”