Chairman’s Report to Members for 2014

Record Turnover UP BY 37.6 % Revenue returned to you the Members UP BY 43% So many RECORDS were broken during 2014. The monthly turnover record broken twice. In 1 month Cedabond paid it’s Suppliers £4,278,900. We had the highest monthly turnover by a single Supplier of £600k In 1 month 4 Suppliers hit £500k. Finally, we had another RECORD with 1 Member paying £900k through the Cedabond Central Payments System in a single month!

Conference/Regional Meetings

Cedabond once again joined CEDA and the FCSI for the 2013 Conference at St Georges Park in Burton Upon Trent. An excellent venue and a good turnout, a central location is the way forward.

We continued with the two Regional Meetings in September 2014, one in Manchester and one at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire, a good turnout by both Members and Suppliers.

We are reviewing the format for 2015.
We are talking to CESA with a view to holding regional meetings at one central venue. Details will be discussed at the post AGM meeting.


We have developed a NEW interactive website which will be launched at the post AGM meeting. We have been working with the Supply Chain to come up with some very beneficial offers for our Members. Barry and Pat have been sending out offers as they come in and I urge you to pass them on to all within your Sales Operation.

Directors and staff

During 2014 we have continued to improve the Cedabond operation, making more savings and improved day-to-day operation.

Barry, Pat and Gordon with input from Mike and Clive have worked tirelessly to continue the good work whilst I was in Hospital and during my recovery. They are a credit to our company. The changes we have made to the financial model in 2014 means we have added more to the income line for you the Members.

Members and Suppliers


Membership grew by 10 in 2014 to 80+ Members.
We had 1 Member leave due to not complying with the Cedabond payment rules.


We had 12 new Suppliers join in 2014
We had 6 Suppliers leave during 2014. 2 ceased trading and the others were minor players and were costing Cedabond to administer without creating any income.

2015 and going forward

We will be launching the new fully interactive Website at the post AGM meeting.
The new site will allow our Suppliers to add new initiatives to their own page. It will allow us to upload Members profiles and so much more, we will all have more flexibility and control with this intuitive approach.
We are looking at some new opportunities for Cedabond, which will reduce the overhead and ensure you the Member enjoy 100% of the benefit.
Our Recruitment campaign will continue for new Members. We are talking to a number of Suppliers to add to our excellent Portfolio.

At the post AGM meeting we will discuss the proposed Deferred Payment Scheme for the Members.


Phil Martin
Executive Director and Chairman of Cedabond