Hobart unveils new generation of 'connected undercounter Machines'

Hobart unveils new generation of 'connected undercounter Machines'

After previewing the new machines at trade events across Europe, Hobart’s 2018 generation of smart undercounter warewashers are now available direct or through the company’s UK wide network of dealer partners. The new glass and dishwasher models benefit from four key innovations, helping to drastically cut drying times, enhance and simplify the user experience, improve efficiencies across the board and for the first time provide a fully connected wash experience, by way of Hobart’s innovative new WashSmart app.

WashSmart lets operators control the integral functionality of the new undercounter machines at the touch of a button. The new app makes it simple to monitor levels of detergent and water in real time and determine overall operating costs; to download an instant hygiene report; request a quote and order necessary consumables and to receive error reports for any machine breakdowns.

A new TOP-DRY drying function helps to eradicate the laborious and time consuming hand drying process by offering class-leading results. Once the washing process is complete, the humid air is converted using a hydro-thermal energy storage system and then re-introduced into the wash chamber as hot drying air. This prevents moisture from depositing on the wash ware. Another benefit is the improved room climate, as the machine generates less humidity. 

A brand new VAPOSTOP² function puts an end to clouds of steam generated when the machine door opens. VAPOSTOP² uses a ventilation system to extract the hot 60 °C waste steam from the inside of the machine, thereby preventing it from escaping. A total of 90% less steam is allowed to escape into the room, making the machines ideal for front-of-house usage. 

Finally, a new VISIOTRONIC-TOUCH control drastically simplifies the functionality of the machine with a display that visualises all important information using both text and symbols. As a result, programmes can be easily selected and settings adjusted.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Warewashing UK says: “We have spent the first portion of 2018 excitedly previewing and testing the functionality of these machines with key end users. We are now proud to unveil this new generation, safe in the knowledge that the leap forward in innovation that they represent is completely unparalleled. Of course, the weight of R&D put into the undercounters is immense – but the end result is a much simpler, more intuitive machine – one that allows sites to work smart, not hard.”

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