ITW Launches New ‘Complete Kitchen’ Leasing and Finance Solution

ITW Launches New ‘Complete Kitchen’ Leasing and Finance Solution

ITW has created a new leasing and finance division for its UK Food Equipment Group to better align its four market-leading brands, giving dealers and their customers access to an easy-to-use, one off replacement or complete kitchen finance solution.

In an unprecedented move aimed at giving dealers greater powers to help safeguard the cash flows of hard-hit end users, the newly created ITW Leasing and Finance Division will offer ground breaking cooking, warewash and food prep products from Hobart Equipment Division, award-winning kitchen and bar refrigeration from Foster and Gamko, and software and scales from Avery Berkel. 

Building on Hobart’s proven leasing and finance model, which has seen countless operators achieve the highest spec equipment desired, without the initial outlay, the new solution will make it quicker and easier for catering establishments of all levels to gain access to the best products on the market.

Crucially, because packages have a 99% rate of approval – ITW is the lender, not a broker – dealers now have a highly valuable new tool in their armoury with which to help potentially cash strapped end users bounce back.

Tim Bender, Sales Director, Hobart Equipment Division says: “We’ve had great success at Hobart with our leasing and finance offering, and we’re proud to see ITW embracing it and building upon it across the wider food equipment group. It goes without saying that operators could walk into a dealership and walk out having secured a replacement product or a fully operational, plug and play kitchen, via a payment structure that prioritises the needs of their business.”

Ewen Cairns, UK Sales Manager, Foster and Gamko says: “The ITW Leasing and Finance Division immediately assumes the full cost, meaning there is no credit risk to dealers, and they will see the full Invoice value in their books. We’re excited to be able to offer this new service to our customers, with tailored campaigns to support them in this uncertain climate. This is a game changer.”

Sophie Gardner, UK & Ireland National Sales Manager of Avery Berkel says: “To really survive and thrive, food businesses need suppliers and manufacturers to work together more as partners. This is just one of the reasons why we have taken steps to offer this financial support, during a time when we see it as being needed the most.”