Jestic adds O3 Box to Venixlife sanitisation range

Jestic adds O3 Box to Venixlife sanitisation range

Jestic has expanded its Venixlife range with the O3 box – a flexible and compact ozone sanitisation cabinet, which is suitable for a wide variety of foodservice and workplace applications.

As Steve Morris, Sales Director at Jestic Foodservice Solutions explains: “With Coronavirus still a very real danger, ensuring the safety of staff and customers remains a priority.  The O3 Box incorporates an ozone generator and laboratory tests have shown it can eradicate up to 100% of viruses and bacteria after a full cycle - so operators can rest assured that a wide variety of items from plates to glassware, to cookware and even work uniforms are sanitised, hygienic and safe to use. 

“The stylish stainless steel cabinet will fit seamlessly in commercial kitchen environments and with a footprint of just 600mm x 630mm operators will also appreciate the space-saving design.”

Adjustable shelves in the O3 Box incorporate specially designed slots so the ozone can circulate freely to ensure a complete and effective sanitisation.

A variety of models are available depending on the application and Jestic’s experienced sales team is available to advise on the best model to suit your needs.

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