New Fats, Oils & Grease Training Centre From Filta

New Fats, Oils & Grease Training Centre From Filta

Kitchen hygiene and environmental compliance specialist Filta Group has opened a new state-of-art training facility, to deliver awareness and technical training on all aspects of FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) management.

The Filta academy located in Southam, Warwickshire is a training facility for stakeholders, engineers and equipment distributors to improve their understanding of FOG and to undertake product training.

Filta will deliver an approved installer certification programme on the cyclone to onboard new and existing partners and stakeholders so that service is delivered consistently with a high level of proficiency. This will be delivered face to face with hands-on training. This will be applicable to any person(s) or dealer who would like to provide the Cyclone range to their clients. It covers everything from installation, maintenance, servicing and customer support.

Filta will also deliver its latest FOGSmart™ training programme from the training centre, with webinars, live face-to-face training and customer support visits all set to be hosted. FOGSmart™ is an education programme designed to educate staff, dealers, partners on the issue of FOG and covering everything from the legal requirements, sustainability to the range of solutions available on the market.

Visitors can also see Filta’s FOG management innovations in-situ within a model kitchen, such as the FiltaFOG Cyclone Grease Recovery Unit, which offers patented two-stage FOG separation and recovery to deliver exceptionally high-quality recovered oil from kitchen wastewater, Filta’s automated kitchen extraction cleaning system and in-situ Food interceptors.

The facility will be further used to carry out research and development on the cyclone and make improvements to functionality and design in order to create an efficient and sustainable product. This is line with Filta’s Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) commitments to achieve NetZero by 2035 and conduct business in a sustainable way.

Edward Palin, Director at The Filta Group, said: “FOG management and compliance has become an increasingly important issue in the commercial kitchen. Water companies are actively discouraging operators using drain dosing systems as a primary measure in favour of grease recovery units or grease traps and the penalties for not having correct grease management equipment in place are significant.

“It is vitally important that operators review their FOG management programmes and address any gaps to ensure they are protected from compliance risk.

“We’re working closely with equipment dealers and their customers to help make sure that education levels are raised and that the sizing and specification of FOG equipment is correct. This state-of-the-art facility is the next step in our programme of support.”