Rational launches their new Training and Resources App

Rational launches their new Training and Resources App

Watch. Learn. Cook. The new Rational UK App is just a click away. Rational UK has launched a new Training and Resources App. It combines a huge range of training resources, covering both the SelfCookingCenter and the VarioCookingCenter

The Rational UK Training and Resources App was developed following feedback from end-user customers. The App combines a vast array of training resources, such as videos showing how to cook specific recipes, videos showing how to carry out various day-to-day maintenance tasks and a searchable database so that operators can find their nearest dealer or service provider.  

The App is smartphone-friendly and can be used in the kitchen, enabling staff to find out how to cook a recipe or tackle day to day cleaning or maintenance tasks instantly. There are also videos that explain how using the SelfCookingCenter’s or VarioCookingCenter’s intelligent cooking functions achieves consistent and excellent cooking results. It’s an ideal tool both for new starter training and to learn about more advanced techniques. It also helps ensure safe operation of the units. 

Simon Lohse, Managing Director, Rational UK comments “There’s no doubt that digital technology and smart kitchen devices are changing the way operators work and think, that’s why we developed the new App. It is designed specifically for customers in the UK and Ireland – with recipes reflecting this focus.” 

The Rational UK Training and Resources App will help professional kitchens operate better and more profitably, by helping them make the most of their Rational appliance, for example by using the intelligent cooking functions to achieve best results. 

The Rational UK App is free and is available from App store and Google Play - it is just a click away to use, and there is no registration required. “It brings a fantastic training and information resource right to the heart of the kitchen,” says Lohse. 

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the SelfCookingCenter and VarioCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to come to a free SelfCookingCenter Live or VarioCookingCenter Live demonstration, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit www.rational-online.com