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Established in 1993, CHS offers National Services & Products for the Catering Industry. • Extraction Ducting & Kitchen Deep Cleaning • Fly Screens & PVC Curtains Installation • Discounted Catering Equipment • Motorised Brush Cleaning & Robotic Camera Surveys For Kitchen, Air & Laundry Ducting • Grease Filters

Founded in 1993 and initially offering its services throughout South East England CHS has expanded its expertise nationwide. From our Head Office near London, we have a fleet of vehicles and teams of specialist staff strategically positioned throughout the UK offering full ventilation ducting cleaning,kitchen deep cleaning services and installation of fly screens. Services can be tailored to suit the caterer from one-off cleans to more frequent cleaning schedules. 

With a vast portfolio of customers we still manage to offer a friendly, efficient service normally associated with a smaller enterprise. CHS has worked hard to retain its reputation with national chains of retailers, restaurants, hotels and local authority premises through to privately owned golf clubs and public houses all benefiting from our expertise and professionalism. 

As the business has evolved it has an increasing focus on legislation, fire risk and health and safety. CHS has gained certification and accreditation with relevant bodies and associations thereby ensuring our cleaning procedures and health and safety systems are fully audited on a regular basis. 

By respecting our staff and encouraging development, training and promotion of equality we have a high regard to our staffs happiness. This includes their welfare, health and safety at work, empowerment and communication. We encourage and promote team working and the sharing of skills and knowledge, whilst recognising outstanding individual contribution and rewarding our people fairly. 

Our internal policies and procedures reflect in the standard of our service and the highest levels of customer support you will receive from our office based support team to the site technicians.


National Services & Products for the Catering Industry: 

  • • Extraction Ducting & Kitchen Deep Cleaning 
    • Fly Screens & PVC Curtains Installation 
    • Discounted Catering Equipment 
    • Motorised Brush Cleaning & Robotic Camera Surveys For Kitchen, Air & Laundry Ducting 
    • Grease Filters

    Extraction & Canopy Cleaning •

    If you have a commercial kitchen then your risk assessment should include regular ductwork cleaning to satisfy the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The majority of kitchen fires start within the ductwork, so regular cleaning is an integral part of your risk reduction strategy.
    We also clean air ductwork in accordance to the requirements of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992. These regulations require regular air ductwork cleaning and maintenance for all mechanical air supply and extract systems.
    To ensure our cleaning meets B&ES TR/19 guidelines we train our ductwork cleaning teams in accordance to the B&ES green book scheme. This ensures all kitchen ductwork and air duct cleaning is undertaken in accordance to legal and insurance company requirements.
    Can you be sure you have minimised the risk?

    • Kitchen Deep Cleaning 

    Kitchen cleaning is seen as "Due Diligence", helping towards minimising health risks and assists you to meet your legal obligations to customers and staff.
    Our kitchen cleaning service will not only improve staff moral and set down the high standards you expect but regular kitchen deep cleaning will assist in maintaining the reputation of your business.
    All our kitchen cleaning operatives are trained in accordance to the BICSc guidelines and on completion we provide a detailed post kitchen deep clean report and hygiene certificate.
    Would you happily open your kitchen doors to the outside world?

    • Fly Screens for Windows & Doors 

    The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995, states that if you can open windows and doors to the outside environment they must be fitted with insect-proof fly screens.
    Our fitters tailor make, made to measure fly screens or PVC curtains in a mobile workshops at your premises. Our insect screens are designed and developed to withstand the demands of commercial use however the fly screens are also aesthetically pleasing and equally suited to a domestic environment.
    All our fly screens and PVC curtains satisfy the relevant legislation and our fly screen doors comply with fire regulations. We also supply DIY fly screens, mesh curtains, chain link curtains, PVC rolls and component parts. 
    Have you done everything possible to minimise the risk from airborne contamination?

    • Ventilation Duct Cleaning 

    Most non-domestic premises will have ventilation or air conditioning installed, with ducting running through the building. Dust and debris will accumulate in these ducts and become a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. These risks are increased where humidity and higher temperatures are a factor. Without regular ventilation duct cleaning, air will pass through the polluted duct carrying these allergens into the building, hence the ventilation system to provide fresh air to the buildings occupants is in fact doing the opposite. Buildings can suffer from “Sick Building Syndrome” . While the causes of Sick Building Syndrome were a mystery for a long time, it has now been shown to be a direct effect of poorly maintained ventilation systems helping to spread dust and airborne micro-organisms through a building. 
    To ensure that conditions for building occupants are comfortable and safe, it is the duty of the building owner or facilities manager to ensure this is undertaken and suitable records are maintained to support compliance. 
    Our comprehensive ventilation duct cleaning service will ensure the air duct system will be thoroughly cleaned from the supply system right through to the fresh air intake, mixing area and supply diffusers, the duct will be cleaned from the grilles through to discharge to include, motors and fan blades. 
    All ventilation duct cleaning undertaken by Catering Hygiene Specialists is in accordance with the standards laid out by the B&ES Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association. As a member of the B&ES we are regularly audited ensuring our systems are in line with all recommended standards. On completion of the work we always provide a detailed post ventilation cleaning report that can come together with a detailed photographic portfolio, if required.

    • Laudndry Duct Cleaning 

    How often do you check your dryer vents? Most people presume their lint traps catch all the lint and maybe empty the trap after each load, once a week or only when it overflows. Dryers produce very large quantities of lint, which is highly flammable. A significant amount (up to 25%) of lint that is not caught by the trap can build up inside the dryer and within the ducting, and even on the heating element within the machine causing it to overheat and possibly catch fire.
    The fire services in the UK have highlighted the potential fire risks and Insurance companies request that dryer vents should be cleaned regularly.
    Regularly cleaned machines not only reduce the fire risk but work more effectively, minimise repairs, reduce excessive heat damage to garments and will help cut down electricity costs with shorter drying times.
    CHS can clean your laundry ducting and vents as a separate service or along with the kitchen grease extraction cleaning.