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Established in 1987, Holmes Catering Equipment Solutions designs, manufactures and installs foodservice and food production equipment and facilities

It has a long and unmatched record of reliable and consistent performance that makes it the preferred choice of major UK clients, end users, main contractors, consultants and sector professionals. It also has a reputation for innovation and energy-saving know-how that benefits every client, whatever the scale of the project.

Whenever outstanding expertise and experience is needed, whether in food preparation and production, service or retail display, Holmes Catering Equipment Solutions has the resources to handle every stage, from initial consultancy to full design, full manufacture and full installation.

Through its project management teams it also delivers comprehensive turnkey fulfilment, taking total responsibility for the completion and ‘right first time’ operation of all systems and equipment.

Any client, every project

Holmes Catering Equipment Solutions is flexible and responsive, and welcomes both large and small projects. Resource requirements may differ but the commitment is always the same.

Clients range from pubs, cafés and speciality food shops to leading supermarket, hotel and restaurant groups, leisure facilities, corporate headquarters, universities, schools and hospitals.

We have also been engaged by clients in the leisure industry with special projects being Jaguar Formula One hospitality trailers, five floors of facilities at the £25m Ebor Stand redevelopment at York Racecourse, and schemes for three royal residences: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, following the 1992 fire, and the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Many projects involve close collaboration with architects, designers and catering contractors. They value HCES’s outstanding project management skills, its breadth of experience and expertise, and its proven ability to complete major projects on time and within budget. In a sector that increasingly demands turnkey completion, a track record of successfully meeting any challenge makes the Group a world-class partner.

In-house resources

HCES’s design, R&D and manufacturing resources are all in-house and work together as one integrated, highly motivated team. This creates efficiencies that significantly benefit clients.

And that matters because no two projects are ever the same. They can range from imaginative food retail displays featuring recycled or reclaimed materials, to large-scale new build catering facilities in high-pressure environments. Holmes Catering Equipment Solutionshas the capacity, flexibility and experience to take any challenge in its stride.

Strategic partnerships

A strength of Holmes Catering Equipment Solutions is its ability to work in strategic partnership with clients over time, sharing their aims and vision to achieve outstanding results in terms of quality, delivery and price.

For example, a client’s normal practice may be to seek tenders for each project, on the assumption that this will produce best value. However, even better value is likely to lie in an existing relationship with a partner who is already known to meet key criteria for quality, expertise and delivery. Other benefits include ease of communication, and the ability to start work on projects more quickly.

From experience, strategic partnerships make it easier to go those invaluable extra miles to achieve maximum satisfaction. Holmes Catering Equipment Solutions is always happy to travel them