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Brian Marigold


Managing Director


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Welcome to Marigolds catering solutions Marigold engineers have been working within the catering industry for over 30 years. The company started predominantly as a service partner for major manufacturers leading on to the present day of building relationships with many design houses and developing the installation and preventative maintenance programmes along with service and repairs. Over the years Marigolds have carried out installations in many locations from Canary wharf, restaurants throughout London, hotels and have just completed work on the new Olympic stadium fitting out 4 main kitchens and 36 outside food kiosks. Where are we now? Having carefully studied the work place and the industry we are part of within our local community we felt that there was a lack of ongoing support for clients once the initial equipment has been sold to them. Our ethos and relationship with the people we work closely with is that we want to be there for life for them. From the initial idea through to the finished install and ongoing future support. For the future. Our aim is to simply be the best we can for ourselves and the people we deal with building a future that people can rely on and continue be happy with.