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The catering equipment industry is a minefield. And for anyone looking to fit out their new business with excellent quality apparatus, it can be difficult to know where to start. While one company may specialise in front-of-house supplies, your back-of-house may also need fitting out. This is two jobs too many. That's why UHC specialise in selling a comprehensive range of equipment for all your catering needs so that you’ll never have to shop anywhere else. Wholesale buying offers a full range of benefits that will save you a massive headache when it comes to fitting out your company. Purchasing wholesale catering equipment from UHC gives you the following benefits: - Do all of your shopping in one place - Free delivery on offers above £50, saving you time, transports, and petrol costs - A selection of bundles, including our Catering Disposable Savers bundle, which will save you money when buying all the essentials

With our user-friendly, categorised website, you can see a full range of catering equipment available for wholesale purchase. Not only can you tick off all the boxes, but you can also check if there are any items you may have overlooked or ignored.

And it isn’t just companies that can reap the benefits of wholesale catering equipment. If you’re putting together a party or a large social function, then we are always on hand to render an easy, no-fuss service that will make it go off without a hitch.

So, whether it's disposable cups, coffee syrups, or a coffee making machine, we have you covered at every stage of the catering process. Browse our wide range of wholesale catering equipment today to save time and money.