Supplier list

Cedabond has buying agreements with over 70 Suppliers. We work with the catering industry’s leading brands, giving you complete quality assurance. So as well as benefitting from discounts and rebates, you can buy with confidence. And that’s good news for your customers, too.

Wrapex Ltd

Wrapex is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of cling film, aluminium foil and baking papers. We also manufacture the Speedwrap Dispenser (300mm & 450mm for use with cling, foil and paper) which is ideal for both catering and home use. Our products have full BRC accreditation and are produced in our Bristol warehousing facilites. We produce both catering and consumer products and are known for our excellent customer service.

Zodiac Stainless Products Co

Zodiac Stainless Products, established in 1975, is one of the leading distributors of Commercial Catering Equipment and Housewares, supplying a wide range of high quality items at affordable prices into the service industry, across the UK and Europe.