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Corsair has a long history of providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to caterers throughout the UK.

Corsair Engineering

Based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, Corsair prides itself on being a genuine British manufacturer – not one of those companies that imports knock-down equipment, assembles it in the UK and claims it to be UK-made.

Whether in the arena of custom-fabrication or serveries or food distribution systems, Corsair’s products lead the way for their simple effectiveness and many are the fruit of professional caterers sitting alongside our own design teams from inception to completion.

Corsair’s products are used daily in restaurants, staff canteens, schools, universities and hospitals and also in one of the most demanding catering environments possible – the prison service. Its Stirling Prison Trolleys transport in excess of 80,000 meals a day through the corridors of British prisons.

Our skilled work-force has recently delivered the successful launch of an Extraction & Ventilation Division which show-cases Corsair’s strengths in design, manufacturing and project delivery. As a distributor-based business, Corsair carefully chooses the companies it collaborates with in order to ensure the most professional outcome for the restaurateur.

Through its ISO and CESA accreditations, Corsair has proven itself to be a worthy partner in projects from the simplest to the most complex.