Dragon Bench (Firestone Technology Ltd t/a)

Unit 3 Block 4 Chalex Industrial Estate
Manor Hall Road, Southwick
East Sussex
BN42 4NH


Edward Little / Chris Jemmeson




01273 921345 / 07930 725469 / 07930 725472





Unique & Unrivalled Outdoor Heated Seating. Bring your outdoor areas to life with the Dragon Bench™, a revolutionary new type of heating and seating in one! Ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels and outdoor events.

Maximise your revenue and keep customers coming back with Dragon Bench™, an innovative combination of outdoor heating and seating in one unique product. Ideally designed for the hospitality industry, Dragon Bench™ radically improves energy efficiency compared to conventional forms of outdoor heating while providing unrivalled comfort for your customers.

Designed to help businesses maximise use of outdoor spaces to increase revenue, Dragon Bench™ is engineered and manufactured entirely in the UK from durable, top-quality materials that can withstand the demands of the hospitality industry and the changeable British weather.

Dragon Bench™ can be customised with permanent or removable branding to promote your venue or your suppliers’ products. A variety of busy hospitality venues in the UK have been using Dragon Bench™ for several years and continue to receive tremendous feedback from customers – each venue has gone on to purchase additional units.

Benefits of the Dragon Bench™: 

  • Outdoor seating and heating in one
  • Luxurious all-body warmth through the seat and back (separately adjustable)
  • Durable, weatherproof and zero maintenance
  • ~4 times more efficient than radiant heaters / ~20 times more efficient than gas heaters
  • Very low running costs (~6p/hour)
  • Bespoke graphics and branding available (temporary or permanent)
  • Optional USB charging points



Making sure outdoor areas are adding to the bottom line all year round. Stylish, efficient and adjustable, the Dragon Bench™ keeps customers happy and coming back - whatever the weather.

Designed for bars, restaurants & hotels. Bring outdoor areas to life with Dragon Bench™ and ensure that guests will stay longer and keep on coming back!