EPAS Ltd (Environmental Products and Services)

Unit 6 Phoenix Court, Hammond Avenue
Whitehill Industrial Estate


Gareth O'Neill


Sales Director


0161 4775555





EPAS is the manufacturer of the award winning GreaseShield and FilterShield range of products. Our innovative products provide the cost saving solutions to prevent recurring blockages of Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) and food waste in the drainage network and to ensure full compliance with local water company requirements.

EPAS provide full technical assistance to ensure correct specification, installation, service and maintenance of all EPAS products.

The product range includes:

GreaseShield – The Grease Management Solution 

A range of user friendly, mechanical grease recovery units for the separation and removal of FOG. GreaseShield offers superior operational and environmental benefits including:-

  • The only Eco certified grease trap.
  • The highest level of fats, oils and grease removal compared to any competitor equipment
  • Cost Savings by eliminating frequent pumping costs, grease trap cleaning and recurring FOG drain blockages
  • User Friendliness – Ease of Use and No need for staff to access the internal of the GreaseShield
  • Compliance with local Water Company requirements


FilterShield – Food And Solid Waste Solution

A low cost effective solution at preventing food and solid waste from entering the drainage network and preventing blockages.

The benefits include:- 

  • Eliminates the malodorous problems associated with sediment traps
  • Saves money on plumber and call out charges
  • No replacement filters
  • No moving parts
  • No energy costs