Greyland Ltd

Unit 9 Tameside Park Industrial Estate
SK16 4PP


Richard Dyson


Managing Director


0161 343 3830



Setting the standards in cleaning and hygiene.

Greyland is one of the leading cleaning chemical manufacturers in the UK.

As a major manufacturer, we have once again achieved the latest Quality
Management ISO9001:2008. 

With over 800 customers all over the country, and indeed, in Europe, we asked what exactly makes the  'Greyland difference'?

The answer is: keen prices and the fastest order to delivery turnaround
times in the industry.

Not only do we fulfil the average order in only 4 days (even faster if you
really need it now!) but the continual production process employed at our
factory means that we can pass the savings on to you our customer so
that truly no other comparable competitor can beat us on price.

But that certainly doesn't mean that quality suffers. Far from it.
Continual investment (not least of which is our new premises) and smart
logistics keeps us at the very forefront of modern cleaning chemical
production capability.

Thanks to our new mixing tanks we are able to produce variable quantities
of any cleaning chemical, optimised to current order requirements and
predictable storage levels.

This means that we do not over-produce any one thing, but always have
ample stock in hand in our large new warehouse for any likely 'draw-off'
requirements. Many of our distributor customers haven't the storage capacity to hold stock beyond their immediate needs but with our ample stocks they can safely rely on us to 'top them up' whenever necessary. In effect, use Greyland as your warehouse. Distributors draw supplies as and when required in days rather than weeks, replenished very soon after for the next order - and the one after that, time after time.

We also have 3 of the latest digital label printers capable of printing even sharper full colour labels with superb quality images and logos, the labels are chemical-resistant so that they do not smudge or fade after constant use and handling in testing environments.