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Marc Sumner


UK Sales and Marketing Director


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For almost 150 years, Hupfer have been providing leading catering equipment to the foodservice industry. The German-based firm started life making potato baskets and since then have established themselves as a company who are known for premium quality and effective solutions.

At Hupfer, emphasis is placed on making work flow, by delivering quality storage and handling solutions that are ideal for all catering and foodservice environments. Kitchen logistics play a vital role in the success of a commercial kitchen, with storing, transporting, regenerating and dispensing forming the base of a complete process chain.

Hupfer develop and manufacture products and systems to take care of these needs, which can be tailored to each individual operation. The quality in design and manufacture of each product means that daily work can be more efficient, economical and smoother, with a focus on delivering simplification, organisation, ease of cleaning and more key elements.