Keith Elkington Transport Ltd

Unit 17 Garamonde Drive
Milton Keynes


Oli Elkington


Managing Director


01908 585894



Keith Elkington Transport Ltd are the UK’s leading provider of specialised transport and associated services to the commercial catering equipment industry. We have been involved with the industry for more than 25 years and in that time we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge and experience in every aspect of catering equipment. Our company’s journey began way back in 1990 when Keith Elkington, company founder and now our Commercial Director, started the company as just one man and a van. As the company grew in the UK, so did our expertise in all areas of logistics, from warehousing and dispatch, to delivery and project management. As we have grown, so has our knowledge of the catering equipment industry. This has not only come from our understanding of how the companies that we work with operate but also by gaining an insight into your customers’ businesses. It’s precisely because we understand the challenges of the catering industry and the complexities of delivering catering equipment that we have developed our services to support you.