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P-Wave® are the leading brand of fragranced Urinal Screens and air fresheners in the UK. Simple, effective & 100% recyclable - These highly fragranced air fresheners have taken washrooms by storm since their launch in 2009. Here’s an overview of their core 30 day air care range:

Urinal Screen 1.5

The UK’s bestselling urinal screen with more fragrance than any other. Contains billions of enzymes that deodorise the drain below the surface whilst helping to reduce urinal splash-back.

Hex 3D Urinal Screen

Using their bestselling 1.5 urinal screen as a benchmark, P-Wave® have looked to innovate and improve the design even further with the Hex 3D - The result is the most fragrant, splash-eliminating urinal screen on the market! If that wasn’t enough, P-Wave® also identified that urinal screens are not always installed the correct way up - as a result the Hex 3D was designed with the anti-splash bristles on both sides of the screen, allowing it to be installed “anyway up” without losing the benefits.


A passive “anywhere” air freshener that contains 50x more fragrance than a standard toilet rim-stick! Perfect for installing pretty much anywhere thanks to the handy sticky-backed plastic holder! No batteries, no aerosols, just amazing fragrance and it’s 100% recyclable!

Easy Fresh Fan System

The only air freshener where the fragrance is in the 100% plastic recyclable cover. Easy Fresh can be placed on a wall or ceiling without any spills and the unique design ensures the fragrance is propelled around the room throughout the month - The fan is designed to work harder as the cover nears the end of life to ensure an even fragrance delivery. Unlike aerosol units, this product gives a constant fragrance, so the experience for the washroom user will always be consistent.

Trough Urinal Screen

The UK’s only Trough urinal screen. Packed with fragrance using the same great formula as our Hex urinal screens, this product can transform even the nastiest of urinal troughs and best of all it is designed to fit perfectly.


Air freshening just got personal! MyFresh is the latest Award Winning Innovation from P-Wave® that delivers targeted, clean and efficient air freshening for small, personal spaces. Using a motion located within the front panel, the high velocity MyFresh fan springs into action exactly when required, reducing fragrance overload and nasal fatigue. Most important of all, the liquid free, dry fragrance refills (no sprays, spills or sticky residues) are 100% Recyclable and are offered in four premium fragrances. The MyFresh cabinet is lockable and also features an LCD screen which reminds the washroom attendant when to replace the battery and refill. Whilst the product is perfect for use inside bathroom cubicles or on a vanity mirror, MyFresh isn't just limited to the washroom - the system is also ideal for use in elevators or even on a desk in an office, it's incredibly versatile and really is the perfect air freshener for any small space!