Welbilt UK Ltd

Ashbourne House, The Guildway
Old Portsmouth Road


Steve Hemsil


Sales Director UK & Ireland


07730 416652





Welbilt UK is an award winning world leader in the manufacture and supply of professional kitchen equipment, able to meet the needs and demands of even the busiest kitchen environments. Welbilt UK manufacture a number of top brands including, Merrychef, Convotherm, Crem, Frymaster, Lincoln and Garland, all of which will be familiar to most within the catering industry.

Merrychef is the UK’s leading designer and supplier of Accelerated and Rapid Cooking Technology microwave combination ovens. With over 80,000 units sold around the world and with the ability to combine convection, impingement and microwave technologies, Merrychef produce a highly efficient range of equipment ideal for quality fast food venues. Welbilt are not only able to supply high quality equipment and excellent after sales service to their customer base but are also able to assist in kitchen design and re-fit, menu development and even aid staff training through a number of key areas. Using a global team of development chefs with vast experience in the catering world, Welbilt is able to work closely with its customers to help design innovative and modern menus suitable for all types of establishments. Through the development of the latest in kitchen technology, the advanced concepts in accelerated cooking, the ability to aid everything from a kitchen design and re-fit through to assisting their customers in compiling a creative menu to suit the customer base its no wonder Welbilt UK are highly regarded as the most innovative company in today’s hospitality industry.