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Cedabond is a UK wide Buying and Marketing Consortium of more than 120 leading catering equipment distributors. Our Members enjoy increased profits and business growth through being part of Cedabond.

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When you join, you will be part of a long established successful organisation which works hard to maximise income and negotiate beneficial contracts and preferential discounts.

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When you join Cedabond you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers from suppliers that are only available to Cedabond Members.

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Cedabond’s networking events open doors for members and suppliers to grow their businesses.

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Supplier Of The Month

 Instanta are a British manufacturer that has been making boilers in Southport, Merseyside since 1957. Throughout this time our objective has been to produce top quality, innovative products that offer real value for money and deliver unrivalled reliability.

When supplying and manufacturing to commercial businesses with heavy and industrial usage, a key requisite is the longevity and reliability of those products.

Every day, water boilers can be used countless times, servicing the needs of hundreds of members of staff, commercial clients and customers. Failure is not an option. That’s why at Instanta we have focused our entire business on delivering that reliability in every area of our manufacturing, from the high-spec materials we use, to the rigorous testing we put each of our products through.

With Instanta you can be assured that we will do everything in our power to keep things running for you and your company at all costs.

All aspects of our manufacturing process are carried out in Southport, including design and product development (2 & 3D CAD), manufacture of metal fabrication, welding, assembly, testing and inspection, packing, and despatch.

 Innovation is the key which has led to our Sure Flow Touch series to expand. We have designed and manufactured some cost-effective alternatives to our DB2000 push button model. Now available in the series is a 5 and 10 Litre Counter Top Push Button ideal for the self-service operations in hotels, buffet restaurants or service stations. A 6 litre wall mounted boiler completes the series which we believe to be the only push button wall-mounted boiler on the market.


Latest news

12/05/2017 - Graham Massey from GS Group very worthy winner of the Cedabond Bob McNab Charity Award. Graham Massey, MD of Devon based GS Group, has now picked up Cedabond’s Bob…

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