Power in numbers

Power in Numbers

The buying group for the food service equipment industry

Cedabond is a UK wide Buying and Marketing Consortium of more than 100 leading catering equipment distributors. Our Members enjoy increased profits and business growth through being part of Cedabond.

Why join Cedabond?

1 Increase your income!

Cedabond builds business for members and negotiates beneficial contracts with extensive member discounts and rebates.

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2 Be part of a well respected organisation

When you join, you will be part of a long established successful organisation which works hard to maximise income and negotiate beneficial contracts and preferential discounts.

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3 Access to exclusive discounts

When you join Cedabond you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers from suppliers that are only available to Cedabond Members.

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4 Networking events

Cedabond’s networking events open doors for members and suppliers to grow their businesses.

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Supplier Of The Month

Almost 59 years of Quality British Manufacturing...

We’re definitely the last volume manufacturer of catering shelving in the UK,

We’re one of the last volume manufacturers of trolleys in the UK.

We definitely have the largest range of products in respect of both shelving and trolleys in the UK.

Without doubt the most environmentally friendly supplier of shelving and trolleys in the UK.

We are Craven & Co manufacturing storage and handling equipment in Knaresborough since 1958.

Our Firmashelf range available in Nylon, Stainless Steel Wire, Stainless Steel Solid, Epoxy and Zinc Chromate finishes is incredibly competitively priced, exceptional quality and rarely out of stock.

Our range of Tray Clearing and General Purpose Trolleys have become an Industry Standard but, if you want your trolley wider, higher, deeper or in a different colour you can.

The reason you can is that we’re used to taking an idea to design through proofing and eventually to manufacture.

That’s what we do; in fact 60% of what we do is bespoke product into our Industry.

Although we’re best known as a manufacturer we’re quite prepared to distribute other companies’ products as long as it measures up to our exacting standards.

Our Platemate Range of Plate Stackers is made in Holland, our Firmashelf 4000 Range of Chrome Shelving is from the Far East, and the Thermo Boxes we supply are manufactured in Germany.

In fact we are currently working on an exclusive collaboration with another European manufacturer which we believe will result in probably the most innovative range of shelving introduced to the UK in the last twenty years.

If one of our dealers is trying to win a deal where the purchaser is working on the good, better, best principle for their project there is only one place to come for storage and handling in the UK and that’s Craven, a Proud British Manufacturer, better product, better for the environment.





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03/10/2016 - 2 New Suppliers Join Cedabond Cedabond are delighted to welcome 2 New Suppliers from the 1st October

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