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The buying group for the food service equipment industry

Cedabond is a UK wide Buying and Marketing Consortium of more than 140 leading catering equipment distributors. Our Members enjoy increased profits and business growth through being part of Cedabond.

Why join Cedabond?

1 Increase your income!

Cedabond builds business for members and negotiates beneficial contracts with extensive member discounts and rebates.

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2 Be part of a well respected organisation

When you join, you will be part of a long established successful organisation which works hard to maximise income and negotiate beneficial contracts and preferential discounts.

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3 Access to exclusive discounts

When you join Cedabond you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers from suppliers that are only available to Cedabond Members.

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4 Networking events

Cedabond’s networking events open doors for members and suppliers to grow their businesses.

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Supplier Of The Month

We would like to thank Cedabond Supplier Welbilt UK Ltd for their continued support of the Cedabond Membership since joining us in 2019. 

Welbilt manufactures and provides the world’s top chefs, premier chain operators and growing independents with high tech foodservice solutions.

Their cutting-edge solutions are powered by deep knowledge of the hospitality industry, operator insights, culinary expertise and energy efficient.

Welbilt connects food, people and equipment into a single kitchen ecosystem, with customised system solutions that are perfectly tailored to respond to their customers’ everyday needs.

The complete kitchen is more than a sum of its parts. Their proven expertise lies in creating modular systems that operate seamlessly in their customers’ foodservice or retail environment.

Welbilt integrated and digital kitchen solutions save on labour by optimising workflows, enable easy data sharing to manage logistics and inventory, reduce waste and energy consumption, and enhance food safety.

Welbilt’s 12 product brands are designed to improve productivity, quality and profitability for customers in more than 100 countries. Welbilt portfolio: Convotherm® combi ovens, Merrychef® High Speed Ovens, Frymaster® fryers, Garland® grills, ranges and induction cooktops, Multiplex beverage dispensing and blending, Crem® coffee machines and Manitowoc Ice® -making equipment.

All thier products are supported by FitKitchen®, their fully-integrated kitchen systems brand, KitchenConnect®, their premier digital platform for a new generation of connected kitchens, and KitchenCare®, their aftermarket repair and parts service.

T: 01483 464900  E:


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