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Hobart Launches Compact Kitchen Campaign, Offering a Complete Kitchen Solution from Just Four Pieces of Equipment

HBW22599- Compact Kitchen

With space at an increasing premium and operators looking to drive cost efficiencies wherever possible, Hobart is introducing its Compact Kitchen solution – a suite of just four innovative, space saving machines that it says can provide total cooking and warewash performance for operations with restricted kitchen footprints. 

The lineup, including a compact Minijet combi oven, multifunctional Precipan, High Speed Steamer and the company’s groundbreaking Two Level Washer combine to make the ultimate compact kitchen solution for operators looking to do more with less. 

With every piece of catering equipment having to earn its footprint in the modern professional kitchen, the Peterborough-based manufacturer – an expert in innovation, with a reputation for developing machines that make kitchen life easier – has created the Compact Kitchen solution to help small kitchens operate more efficiently and help operators to reduce kitchen space requirements to increase profitable dining capacity.

Hobart UK MD Tracy Southwell comments: “Gone are the days when machines could sit idle for hours on end. Modern kitchens demand equipment with the shared attributes of multifunctionality, efficiency and maximum performance. Allied to this, with fewer trained chefs in work since the pandemic, simplicity of operation and a user-friendly interface are now absolute must haves. Our Compact Kitchen solution is the answer to all these challenges, and more, providing the perfect canvas for operators to drive efficiencies, minimise costs and maximise output.”

The Full Compact Kitchen Lineup:

Hobart High Speed Steamer 

A key part of the Compact Kitchen solution, the Hobart High Speed Steamer is a revolutionary product with unique cooking abilities that provides chefs with a fast and cost-effective way of producing the highest quality dishes in a smaller footprint.

This innovative piece of equipment uses ‘dry’ steam under pressure to dramatically reduce cook times compared to traditional methods; fish, meat, eggs and rice are cooked in minutes, and shellfish and vegetables in seconds, combining space and time savings in just a 600mm width footprint.

Further space savings can be made by stacking the High Speed Steamer in a tower configuration with a Hobart Combi Oven (creating the Hobart Combi Tower), enabling even greater productivity within a compact 920mm footprint. The optimum use of kitchen space.

The Hobart Precipan

Hobart’s multifunctional Precipan brings total flexibility, versatility and simplicity to the commercial kitchen, giving chefs the tools to master multiple methods of cooking in one compact footprint, optimising kitchen space, improving workflow, and saving on equipment costs.

Chefs can use the Precipan to sauté, steam, boil, poach, simmer, fry, grill, smoke or braise, opening up an infinite world of menu possibilities, from à la carte dining, right through to larger scale catering operations.

Chefs can also maximise the Precipan’s potential as a 24-hour-a-day workhorse to batch cook stocks and stews overnight, before resuming normal daily cooking routines in the morning.

For additional versatility, smart multi-temperature zoning of the Precipan’s cooking base allows chefs to cook with precision, allowing for temperature boosts exactly when required.

The Hobart Minijet Combi 

Hobart boasts one of the most reliable and easy to operate ranges of combi ovens on the market including the space-saving Minijet – an innovation that delivers all of the performance of a full-sized oven in a compact package, whilst still being able to accommodate full sized gastronorms. In addition, the oven can be used with either single or three phase electricity and is perfect for smaller kitchens where space is limited.

The Hobart Two Level Washer

When space is limited and maximum output is required, this award-winning machine doubles the capacity and productivity of a conventional dishwasher within the same footprint as a single hood.

During lower periods of demand the bottom chamber can be disabled to minimise energy consumption and then re-enabled when there is a requirement for higher volumes – helping kitchens keep up with fluctuations in customer footfall without using additional kitchen space.

With the option to use the lower chamber as a dedicated utensil washer or as a standard dishwasher, the Two Level Washer tackles the demands of both front and back-of-house teams by washing different types of ware simultaneously, saving time and space, and keeping up with the kitchen flow.

Dealers and end users should visit today to find out more about the innovative, space saving lineup.