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MKN, the leading manufacturer of professional cooking technology, is launching a new digital broadcast studio with a Spring cooking livestream tomorrow, Tuesday 22nd February at 12noon.

Building on the success of its existing digital customer support materials, the MKN Digital Centre represents a new milestone in communication and customer support.

In the first livestream, MKN’s professional chef Frank Honings will be using the studio’s integrated show kitchen to show chefs how to present the many facets of spring on a plate using MKN’s SpaceCombi Team and Magic Team appliances.

All of MKN’s livestreams, cooking shows, expert talks, webinars and podcasts will now be filmed, produced and streamed around the world from the state-of-the-art facility. In addition to a professional kitchen, the new Digital Centre houses high-quality technology for video editing and live broadcasts.

In addition to the familiar formats, MKN is planning to host new digital live productions, as well as individual training courses, digital seminars and further education from the studio. The technology will enable applicants to ask questions and request technical details in real time and face-to-face.

The livestream on 22nd February at 12noon will be hosted on Instagram @mkn_chefschoice – simply view the page at 12noon to watch live.

The video (together with all other activities) will be saved and available to access via Instagram, the MKN YouTube channel or the MKN media library.