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Unox has taken a major step towards its pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, with the official launch of the company’s state-of-the-art new UK Experience Centre in Camberley, United Kingdom.

The purpose-built site combines the very latest in sustainable materials, energy-saving systems, smart technology and the space to not only support the existing team, but to future-proof the building for planned growth and expansion across all areas of the business.

Following a multi-million-pound investment, the new UK Experience Centre houses a cutting-edge development kitchen, a fully connected service and training academy and a 20,000sqft warehouse and office facilities. Aligning with the company’s global commitment to sustainability, a project Unox call Net-Zero E-Mixion 2030, the building is designed from the ground up with the environment at its core.

“The launch of the UK Experience Centre represents a significant milestone for our company – a project that has been carefully considered and painstakingly managed for more than a year. The new site not only demonstrates the global sustainability commitment that Unox has pledged, but is also characteristic of the progressive, committed and supportive company that Unox represents in the UK and around the world.

The new UK Experience Centre is a facility where we’re proud to host our partners – showcasing our innovative equipment solutions while working collaboratively to learn, develop and fine-tune our offering. Ultimately our new site enables our team to best support and serve our customers.”
Nicola Michelon, CEO of Unox

A project that started some 18 months ago, the Unox UK Experience Centre was created in conjunction with one of the country’s most respected sustainability consultants and features revolutionary materials. A bank of 287 roof-mounted photovoltaic panels produces up to 100kw per hour, off-setting the energy drawn from the grid. The remaining electricity demand is provided by 100% renewable energy from BrytEnergy – a supplier of zero-carbon electricity sourced solely from solar, wind and hydropower. At a rate that is twice the average business energy tariff, Unox does not just talk about sustainability but is investing in it too.

It’s not just the power supply that has been thought about at the UK Experience Centre. The floor is made from Marmoleum, a substance made from 97% natural materials, is carbon neutral at source, certified by the allergen council and is made in the UK. The office spaces are void of suspended ceilings, further reducing the building’s footprint, while smart heating and air circulation systems maintain a constant temperature, set 1ºc lower than the standard to save as much as 14% of energy usage.

On the launch of the UK Experience Centre, Unox UK Managing Director, Scott Duncan adds:

“This is a proud moment for the team at Unox UK. Launching the UK Experience Centre is something that we have been committed to and fully supportive of since early discussions took place within the business several years ago. For a company like Unox, it is important to have facilities that we are proud to invite customers and partners to – exactly what we have with the new UK Experience Centre.

Aligned with our net-zero carbon project, E-Mixion 2030, the site has been purpose-built both to meet our needs and to minimise our impact on the environment. Everything from the design and layout of the building to the materials used in the flooring, the installation of EV charging and even the living walls in the office to promote oxygen creation, help this to be one of the most sustainable, energy-efficient manufacturer buildings in use in our industry.”

The flagship site is open to customers, partners, dealers and distributors from across the UK, where Unox will host regular product demonstrations, service and maintenance training, offer new product experiences and even deliver advice and support. The company’s culinary team will be based in the new development kitchen, complete with the very latest Unox equipment and connected technology for live, virtual and interactive sessions.