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Ki-Tech, leading the industry in energy optimisation and data connectivity for commercial kitchens, is embracing the digital shift in kitchen management with a new look, new approach and new combined offering for catering and hospitality.

Paving the way for Kitchen 4.0, Ki-Tech has combined its services for the first time under one single banner, ‘We Are Ki-Tech’. It brings together Ki-Tech Solutions (energy optimisation and remote monitoring) and Ki-Tech Innovations (energy monitoring, management and data connectivity services), to give clients a complete solution for connected, optimised kitchens as the industry tackles rising energy costs and continues to target Net Zero.  

Richard Fordham, director at Ki-Tech, said: “Today’s caterers face the perfect storm of rising energy costs and greater pressure to achieve sustainability goals. We’ve all seen the damaging effect this has had on many businesses, but digitalisation in the professional kitchen can help mitigate the impact and create opportunities.

“Our energy optimisation reduces the required kitchen load, which can prevent the need for electrical upgrades and improve the economic viability of new kitchen projects whilst our connectivity services provide the insights needed to make more informed decisions about energy use, with real-time monitoring providing accurate data on where and when energy is being used in the kitchen and beyond.

“Together, these services give operators the tools they need to improve efficiency and optimise energy use – giving the potential to save significant energy costs across large portfolios, reduce peak electrical load and help achieve ambitious targets for carbon reduction.

“It’s still an untapped opportunity and we’re not limited to the kitchen environment, with the chance to connect laundry, HVAC, spa facilities and more for complete visibility of energy management.”