Power in numbers

Power in Numbers

The buying group for the food service equipment industry

Cedabond is a UK wide Buying and Marketing Consortium of more than 100 leading catering equipment distributors. Our Members enjoy increased profits and business growth through being part of Cedabond.

Why join Cedabond?

1 Increase your income!

Cedabond builds business for members and negotiates beneficial contracts with extensive member discounts and rebates.

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2 Be part of a well respected organisation

When you join, you will be part of a long established successful organisation which works hard to maximise income and negotiate beneficial contracts and preferential discounts.

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3 Access to exclusive discounts

When you join Cedabond you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers from suppliers that are only available to Cedabond Members.

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4 Networking events

Cedabond’s networking events open doors for members and suppliers to grow their businesses.

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Now is the time to learn about becoming a member. Get in touch today and watch your profits grow. 

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Who's new at Cedabond?

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 “Why” are we a “A RELIABLE AND TRUSTED PART OF YOUR BUSINESS”! Catering Equipment Professional have recently asked their top 30 distributors to answer some frank questions about the company’s products and service performance in order to ensure we continue to grow. And apparently this is what they think of us, why don’t you join them in experiencing brilliant customer service J








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29/07/2016 - Cedabond is pleased to welcome a new Supplier and Member for the Month of August Our New Supplier for August is FSE Fire Safety Systems Ltd and our New Mem…

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