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Introducing the new MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum from UNOX

The new award winning MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum pump from UNOX uses never-seen-before technology to vacuum seal hot food inside UNOX trays at service temperature.

A world’s first, it gives caterers a new solution to overcome common kitchen challenges including scheduling of bulk production and food wastage.

Using the MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, staff can seal hot food in UNOX MULTI.Day trays in minutes, ready for safe transportation or cold storage.

It can also work alongside the UNOX EVEREO hot fridge to give caterers the option to preserve hot food trays safely at service temperature for up to 72 hours, helping to overcome kitchen scheduling challenges and reduce food waste from items such as cooked meats.

Using state-of-the-art technology developed by the UNOX R&D team in Italy, the MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum is suitable for everything from meat and pasta dishes, to rice, root vegetables and much more.  

Scott Duncan, Managing Director at UNOX UK, said: “This is a truly revolutionary (and affordable) piece of equipment that brings a completely new method of vacuum sealing to the catering industry.

“Vacuum sealing hot food is notoriously problematic, and it is easy for the vacuum pump to get clogged or damaged by grease and steam. Our new solution uses the Venturi effect to reduce pressure, rather than just sucking air out of the tray or bag, which ensures safe, reliable vacuum sealing of hot food.

“With the new MULTI.Day Hot Vacuum, caterers can cook curries, beef brisket, whole chickens, breakfast items, beans, gravies and much more, safe in the knowledge that food is safe for hot storage using UNOX EVEREO.  

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