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HOBART UK and Service have prioritised workplace mental health and wellbeing by introducing mental health first aiders.

Post-pandemic, mental health issues including stress and anxiety are reported to be on the rise across workplaces in the UK.

It is now more critical than ever for companies to act on their duty of care by supporting their employee wellbeing and actively promoting a positive workplace.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 1 in 4 (21%) adults experienced a mental health issue in early 2021; this is more than double that observed before the pandemic (10%).

Hobart UK and Service has introduced a number of initiatives to help all colleagues raise awareness of mental health, and how to deal with issues if or when they arise.

Mental health first aid training has been rolled out across the business and will be accessible to all employees.

Joanne Kemp, European HR Director for ITW Food Equipment commented,

“It is reported that one in four adults experience mental health problems in any given year and that due to the pandemic, mental health problems are on the rise.  Employee health and wellbeing will always be important to our Leadership team who recognise now, more than ever, that it is time to consider how we can improve our employee’s mental health in the workplace.”

HOBART asked for volunteers to attend the course and the response was overwhelming.  

Joanne explains, “We had a phenomenal response to our request for volunteers to be a Mental Health First Aiders. The individuals represented a good cross section of our businesses and so the Managing Directors decided to put everyone forward for the training.

“The training is accredited by MHFA England and the aim is to equip the First Aiders with the confidence to spot the early warning signs of mental health issues (such as depression, anxiety disorders, stress etc.) and to encourage early intervention.”

Nicola Rolfe, Customer Service Administrator for HOBART UK volunteered to be a Mental Health First Aider,

“(I am) So proud to work for a company that promotes wellbeing for all staff and invests in training of staff. Remembering it’s ok to not be ok is something we should all remember. A great insight and I thoroughly enjoyed my course.”

Gareth Williams, Contracts, Database and Invoice Manager for HOBART Service who is another member of the Mental Health First Aiders team added,

“I really enjoyed the course and it’s great to work for a company that has a real focus on mental health and the wellbeing of its staff.”

Joanne concluded, “This is just the first step in our approach to supporting employees with their psychological wellbeing. Health and safety is the responsibility of everyone. Our strategy is to educate our employees, create a positive workplace culture and guide and support employees with their mental health needs. This knowledge and encouragement of open communication will help our teams to build up their mental resilience.”